Dec 17, 2010

Rachael Bakes! | Bay Area Photographer

You may remember the engagement photos I shot in the rain a few months ago of Jessica & Alex. Well, Jessica's sister, Rachael, has her own dessert catering business and she contacted me to set up a shoot of her desserts and some head shots for her website (which is currently in development). I was very excited to have the opportunity to shoot "stuff that doesn't move" and to have the chance to capture Rachael's bubbly personality and unique style. We shot on location in my kitchen on the Saturday after Thanskgiving (thanks for giving me a great reason to clean my kitchen until it sparkled!). We shot over 10 different types of desserts and got a few really fun shots of Rachael for her site. I hope she is as happy with the photos as my husband Sean and I were with the desserts she left behind for us...they were AH-MA-ZING!  

Let me know if you're interested in hiring Rachael -- I can put you in touch!

Hungry, yet? :)

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