Oct 26, 2010

Rain or Shine: Jessica & Alex are Engaged!

Jessica and Alex asked me to take their engagement photos in Saratoga this past weekend. It rained. It rained all day long. Jessica and Alex were not phased a bit -- they brought their umbrella, wore their closed-toe shoes, and flashed some smiles that brought sunshine to our wet, dreary day in the park. I've never shot in the rain before, so, thanks for that experience. The best part -- we got some great shots that are one-of-a-kind. When was the last time you saw engagement photos in the rain? Big thanks to Jessica and Alex for being such great sports!

Seriously, All You Need Is Wine

My friends Dan & Carlene are two of the most driven, ambitious people I know. They both have advanced degrees, great full-time jobs, and packed social schedules. In the last year they also: got engaged, planned an amazing wedding in Avila Beach, and started their own business. They created a blind wine tasting game called All You Need Is Wine (www.AllYouNeedIsWine.com). When they asked me to take some "professional" (thanks for the confidence) shots of their game, I jumped at the chance to shoot something that doesn't move. So, on a lazy afternoon my dining room became my studio, their game my subject. This is what I got!

Baby Jake's First Photo Shoot

April and Jeremy welcomed Baby Jake to the world just 2 months ago. I was lucky enough to get to take Jake's first portraits. This little man hair that most men dream off: thick, naturally highlighted, and versatile (just ask his Mom who says he has many different "looks" already). He stayed awake for the entire session (so many great "open eye" shots...which are hard to get with newborns). You'll see more of this adorable family soon, as I'm heading back to take their Holiday photos!

Chaump Family, Party of Four

My niece Merritt and nephew Alex are two of my favorite subjects. I've captured their photos from the moment I met them. I was lucky enough to shoot their first family portraits as a  party of FOUR. Alex (7mos) was the perfect subject: he smiled on cue, looked directly at the camera, and held incredibly still. Merritt (2yrs), on the other hand, was a squirmy worm! Getting her to hold still, and look at the camera was super challenging, but super fun. I even snuck in a few shots of Haley & Tom without the kids...sweet shots of an awesome couple.