Oct 26, 2010

Seriously, All You Need Is Wine

My friends Dan & Carlene are two of the most driven, ambitious people I know. They both have advanced degrees, great full-time jobs, and packed social schedules. In the last year they also: got engaged, planned an amazing wedding in Avila Beach, and started their own business. They created a blind wine tasting game called All You Need Is Wine (www.AllYouNeedIsWine.com). When they asked me to take some "professional" (thanks for the confidence) shots of their game, I jumped at the chance to shoot something that doesn't move. So, on a lazy afternoon my dining room became my studio, their game my subject. This is what I got!

1 comment:

  1. Professional indeed! We love you Stace, and Thank You for all the wonderful pictures...

    -Dan & Carlene