Oct 26, 2010

Chaump Family, Party of Four

My niece Merritt and nephew Alex are two of my favorite subjects. I've captured their photos from the moment I met them. I was lucky enough to shoot their first family portraits as a  party of FOUR. Alex (7mos) was the perfect subject: he smiled on cue, looked directly at the camera, and held incredibly still. Merritt (2yrs), on the other hand, was a squirmy worm! Getting her to hold still, and look at the camera was super challenging, but super fun. I even snuck in a few shots of Haley & Tom without the kids...sweet shots of an awesome couple.  


  1. Yeah, we are pretty awesome. Great photos! Thanks for documenting the lives of my kids!

  2. I agree with you BROTHER! I love these pics, alex is such a handsome little bubba and Merr is beautiful as ever!